Deze stok kreeg een 7 van Gamecentre, onderandere duur zijn prijs $39,95 (+/- ƒ 80,-) .

With the WingMan Extreme Digital 3D, Logitech delivers every feature you'd want in a joystick at a very attractive price. Unfortunately, to get that price, Logitech seems to have skimped on the details, making this a somewhat unrefined controller. When you pick up the Digital 3D, you're immediately struck by its weight; the base, though not very large, is heavily weighted. On the base you'll find two buttons and a slide throttle near the bottom of the stick. The contoured plastic stick features an eight-way hat switch, four buttons, and a trigger. The controller comes with a dongle that allows you to plug it into the USB or game port. Logitech's excellent setup software makes installation and calibration a breeze. Logitech's WingMan Profiler software is also included, letting you update the joystick's drivers via the Internet.