De Lithtech engine is ondertussen nogal beroemd. Dat is de reden dat CGO een feature geschreven heeft over deze engine. Je leest er alles over de geschiedenis van Monolith tot de features van de engine en de toekomst van Monolith en Lithtech. Weet je niet wat Lithtech is? No problemo:Monolith is very serious about the engine licensing business. It has been hawking its LithTech 3D game engine for a few years now, and has taken the typical engine licensing business to a whole new level. Monolith refers to LithTech as a 3D Game Operating System because it feels the product is different from other 3D engines. LithTech is more akin to a platform on which a developer builds game content—the software equivalent of a PlayStation or Nintendo 64. Plug in a cartridge, and the game works. In that sense, Monolith views games as "LithTech cartridges." Whatever LithTech's doing over in Kirkland, Washington, it's apparently doing it well. There are some 20-30 LithTech licensees right now, only about a dozen of which have been formally announced. With so many of the games we'll be playing over the coming years powered by LithTech, we felt it was time we took a closer look at it.Het is een erg interessant artikel en ook voor minder hoogopgeleide mensen te begrijpen.