LAN Game Manager versie 1.0 is vandaag gereleased. Voor de echte diehard lan-ers!

Maaruh? Wat kan het allemaal? Hieronder de mogelijkheden..Game Server Browser

[bullet] Locates Quake 2, Quake 3 Arena, Half-Life and Unreal Tournament Games on your LAN or cable network

[bullet] Multi-threaded server browser completes scans quicker

[bullet] Loads all settings/parameters for each game server found

[bullet] List the players and their info for each game server found

[bullet] Can be configured to look for individual servers which are not located on you LAN (i.e. out on the internet)

[bullet]Small, fast and built to be easy to use

Chat Client

[bullet] Peer-to-Peer chat client that doesn't require a server to operate

[bullet] Each game has it's own channel. There's also a general purpose channel as well.

Player Watch

[bullet] Notifies you when one of your buddies is playing on a server

[bullet] You can configure the type of notification with choices ranging from a pop-up message box to a single beep to an icon in the system tray.

[bullet] Substring searches can help you find anyone in your clan

[bullet] Fun names are converted to plain text so that you can search for players in Quake 3 Arena

Quick Start

[bullet] User-configurable menu items that you can quickly execute

[bullet] User this option to setup your favorite game servers and launch them quickly.Je kan hem op de officiele pagina naar beneden halen.