Er zijn 2 filmpjes uitgekomen van KISS: Psycho Circus. KISS: PS is gemaakt met de LithTech engine en zal voornamelijk veel bestaan uit veel make-up en bruut geweld.Originally "spawned" from the warped mind of legendary comic savant Todd McFarlane, Third Law Interactive's KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child is the tale of the Elder demigod's fall from the cosmos, and (hopefully) its return following the defeat of the Nightmare Child and his minions. In Psycho Circus, you begin as a mere mortal and progressively acquire the powers of the Elder's four alter egos, each of which is based on a member of the legendary rock cadre, KISS. Featuring almost non-stop FPS action in a twisted world of paranormal phenomena, Psycho Circus will challenge even the fastest of fragging reflexes. As you'll see in the film below, Third Law's proprietary Horde technology permits more on-screen monsters than you can shake a scimitar at, leaving little time for dilly dally. The game is powered by the greatly improved Lithtech 1.5 engine and contains tons of special effects and, of course, a killer soundtrack. Downloaden kan je hier