Bij 3D Action Planet hebben ze een goed artikel over Id geschreven.

Als je Id onder de loep neemt, blijkt namelijk dat Id weliswaar erg goed is in engines maken, maar dat andere zaken zoals verhaal misschien beter aan andere ontwikkelaars overgelaten kunnen worden. Ever since the beginning of the FPS genre in PC gaming, id Software has been known as the best engine-making company out there. Time after time, the id programming team has impressed gamers with graphical and physical improvements in their gaming worlds.

But as time has passed, many gamers have been complaining about the content of the id games, claiming the company is merely repackaging the same game over and over again, tricking people into buying the same FPS game with small engine updates. Should id Software shrug off its content side of the company in order to save the integrity of its programming side?

So here's my question: should the programmers and designers be in one company? I believe they shouldn't. The answer is simple -- the designers hold Carmack and crew back from what they could be doing. Should Carmack have had to stop working on the engine during Quake III Arena's development to finish the bot code?

No, he shouldn't have, and imagine what we probably missed out on because of that. Because the designers couldn't put out anything innovative in Quake III Arena, we all basically paid for a technology test showing what the engine can do. If I had known this before the game can out, I could have spent that money on FAKK2 or American McGee's Alice, two games using the engine that try to be different than your usual FPS.Natuurlijk is en blijft Id de moeder van alle FPS games met onder andere Wolfenstein, Doom en Quake, maar persoonlijk vond ik Quake 2 al minder vernieuwend en Quake 3 is wel een goed spel, maar het is een spel dat alleen gericht is op multiplayer, zonder enige vorm van verhaal...