In navolging van Carmack is John Scott nu ook wat positiever tegen de Xbox aan gaan kijken:Referring to Mr Carmacks .plan, and presuming the XBox will be a much larger market than the PC for games (likely). I must also say all of the following is pure speculation =) If the XBox does support OpenGL, then that will put NVidia in control of the development of OpenGL for the PC. They will be able to lead from the front and pretty much decide how the API develops in the future. If the XBox supports feature Y, then all other card manufacturers will have to, or get left behind. Responsibly used, this control could be a very good thing for OpenGL. It is likely that the XBox will be the primary format for most games, and the PC will be of secondary concern. I think this will mean that the minimum spec for PC games will shoot up to somewhere around the XBox, and then stay there until XBox sales taper off. We can code some scalability in, but there is only so much we can do; especially if the PC is the minor market. Toch best wel goed dat er dus een muis voor de Xbox komt, met al die FPS makers