John Carmack heeft zijn mening over videokaarten eens uitgetikt en in z'n .plan gezet. Virtualized video card local memory is The Right Thing. Now, the argument (and a whole bunch of tertiary information): If you had all the texture density in the world, how much texture memory would be needed on each frame? For directly viewed textures, mip mapping keeps the amount of referenced texels between one and one quarter of the drawn pixels. When anisotropic viewing angles and upper level clamping are taken into account, the number gets smaller. Take 1/3 as a conservative estimate. Given a fairly aggressive six texture passes over the entire screen, that equates to needing twice as many texels as pixels. At 1024x768 resolution, well under two million texels will be referenced, no matter what the finest level of detail is. This is the worst case, assuming completely unique texturing with no repeating. More commonly, less than one million texels are actually needed.Best een lang stukje, lees de rest hier