Zo waren alle spellen nog niet echt genoeg, nu kun je ook jezelf (of een vriend) op een Q3 model plakken, om vervolgens lekker af te knallen

Alleen moet je wel even in Engeland wonen, want de AvatarMe technologie is tot nu toe alleen in de Millennium Dome aanwezig. The process is simple. You go stand in a cubicle, where they take a snapshot of you from the front and the back, as well as your left and right profile. The whole experience takes about a minute, and then your model is available to pick up straight off the internet! [...]We grabbed a few words with Stephen Crampton, the CEO of AvatarMe, who explained that the plan was to continue honing the process and make the technology available on a much wider basis - as I say, at the moment, if you want to see a photorealistic version of yourself running round creating mayhem with a plasma rifle and a side order of Quad damage, you're gonna have to get yourself over to the Talk Zone at the Dome, where you can get yourself fully panned and scanned, but Stephen is confident that over the next few years the availability is going to become much more widespread.

Goed nieuws dus, over een paar jaar loopt heel Nederland zo te Quaken, UTen en te CSen