Jagged Alliance...Voor velen de tactical strategy game die met elke release weer voor vele uren spelplezier zorgt. And guess what, Jagged Alliance is back, ditmaal met een mission pack voor Jagged Alliance 2. Deze mission pack, Unifinished Business, is gewoon standalone te spelen, dus je hebt niet het originele spel nodig om het te spelen. CDMag ging weer herinneringen naar boven halen en schreef een preview erover.Even though it's a stand-alone product, which does not require you to own Jagged Alliance 2, Unifinished Business is more of a mission pack than a true expansion. There's no economy to speak of, no mines to exploit or militia to train. You hire mercenaries for the duration of the mission, not on a daily or weekly basis, and you can import your custom-made merc from the earlier game. What you get are some 20 new sector maps, ten or so new weapons, a few new mercenaries, and combat. Lots of combat. Expect to meet lots of bad guys, and soon. The plot here is pretty straightforward. Arulco, the tiny nation you saved from an evil queen and icky bugs in Jagged Alliance 2, is under attack from its northern neighbor Tracona. Tracona, in turn, is under the thumb of Ricci Mining and Exploration, which used to run Arulco's mines and now wants them back, thank you very much. The company has launched a missile attack on the unoccupied prison town of Tixa to demonstrate its resolve (or its poor aim; they could have been aiming at the capital, who knows?). That's where you come in, with your team of hardened soldiers of fortune. Jagged Alliance 2: Unifinished Business preview