Onlangs kondigde Tribsoft aan dat ze 'Jagged Alliance 2' gaan porten naar Linux. LinuxPower heeft een interview met Mathieu Pinard van dit bedrijf.Jeremy: Why and when did you come up with the idea for Tribsoft? In Spring 99, before the first Linux retail games. The company was incorporated in June 99, but we had a lot of work to do before we could make a first announcement. Erik: How large do you believe the market is for Linux games? Any particular data you are using to come to a figure? When Tribsoft was in initial planing I was looking at the 7-10 millions userbase and wondering: "wow this is a huge market..." The reality is far from 10,000,000 users are waiting to play games, or to buy a commercial game. . . Vragen over van alles en nogwat. Het is in ieder geval goed dat er meer bedrijven op de Linux-wagen springen. Go Linux!