Omdat laatst bekend is gemaakt dat de Playstation 2 aantallen in Amerika bij de launch gehalveerd zijn vroeg DailyradarUK zich af of dit ook de Europese launch beïnvloedt. DRUK: Will they be affected by anything else?

Dave Wilson: We hope not. What we are talking about here is the planning process. We planned to deliver this number before Christmas based upon what we forecast in regard to the production process. Our US partners have revised their plans, we have not. Now we have to execute on those plans.

DRUK: When will you be able to guarantee figures?

DW: I don't think anything in this industry is guaranteed - the manufacturing process is constant and ongoing which is why we are not able to give a precise number of units we will get for the UK.

DRUK: How many pre-order forms have you received to date?

DW: It is difficult to be that specific; the forms go from the stores to the retailer's head office, then to our collation house. The numbers so far indicate we have had about 75% of the forms back - so there are still forms to be had.

DRUK: Is it likely that someone trying to pre-order now will get their PS2 for Xmas?

DW: There are still some pockets of order forms out there - our aim is to get these machines into homes as soon as possible. We will do our best to ensure they will arrive in time for Christmas, but since there are numerous extraneous factors here it is hard to be specific. This is why we have undertaken the task (at some cost to ourselves) of writing personally to everyone who has ordered a machine to keep them informed of the progress of their order and when they will be able to collect their PS2.

DRUK: Anything to add?

DW: We have embarked upon this fairly ambitious pre-order scheme with a view to being the first company to ever manage the process of launching a new technology product into an area of massive demand. It continues to be a challenge to endeavour to make this scheme work, but at heart it is an attempt to prevent folk camping out on pavements overnight and fighting in stores; it is an attempt to ensure that people can get hold of a PS2 as quickly as possible in a civilised and equitable fashion, and it is a bid to treat our consumers with respect, so we would ask people to work with us to help us make this scheme a success.

Dit interview ging alleen over de belangen van Groot Brittanië en niet over de rest van Europa maar we mogen ervan uitgaan dat de aantallen in heel Europa hetzelfde blijven.

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