GamesMania heeft een interview gehad met de project manager van Looking Glass, Steve Pearsall. Hieronder vind je er een knippie van.GM: Nice segue into Thief 2. We thought we'd start with the story, as much as you'd care to reveal.

SP: We've got some great plot twists so I'm not going to go into lots of detail. If you recall at the end of Thief 1, the Hammerite sect (the religious nuts) they were attacked by the Pagans, their main temple was destroyed and a lot of them were killed in the next to last mission. As a result, they had a big schism and split into two parts: the original Hammers, who are still going to be in Thief 2, but there's a new more militant group called the Mechanists. The main difference between the Hammers and the Mechanists is that the Mechanists really think that their sect needs to actively search out and develop a lot of new technology. Whereas the Hammers, the orthodox ones, believe they should use the technology that's been handed down by the Master Builder.Hmmm.. Met een beter plot..