VAK schrijft: "Alhoewel dit spel geen spel is waar iedereen de hele dag over praat wordt het nog steeds gekocht en gespeeld door veel mensen. De developers blijven het ook ondersteunen. Zelfs na meer dan een jaar gaat Sierra nog een patch uitbrengen die multiplayer uitbreidt van 5 naar 10 man."

PCShooter: Players everywhere are waiting for the 10-player limit increase patch. Can you tell us when this will be released?

Cade: We're hoping to release it before the end of the year, but it may not make it out until the beginning of 2001.

PCShooter: Are any more game play mods being considered? eg. Capture the flag or some other new modes?

Cade: We've made some changes to Team Death match mode. Now you can have 2 5-man teams fighting against each other. Each team will have the ability to use the Command & Response menu from the Single player/Co-op game, so each team can better coordinate their efforts. There will also be a 'Base Camp' option. When the 'Base Camp' option is activated, teams will always start the game and respawn after death in the same place/room in the map.Het interview is op deze internetplaats te vinden.