IGN had een interview met Secret Level's Designer Peter Clark. Hierin verklaart hij nog wat meer omtrend de release van de UTversie voor DreamCast.

Dank aan Onslaught voor de linkIGNDC: What will you use the VMU for?

PC: We'll use the VMU to save your progress on the Tournament ladder. We'll also save all your preferences and server information, including favorites.

IGNDC: What is the feature you're most impressed with personally about the project?

PC: At this point I'm just happy it all works! Seriously though, the online aspect excites me to no end. I love online games, and the fact that we get to work on one of the first online console titles is a thrill.

IGNDC: What are your plans after UT DC has shipped?

PC: Online console domination!Het lijkt erg onwaarschijnlijk dat DreamCast nu zomaar van de markt zal verdwijnen.