ClanZone had een interview met Pr0fit over de ontwikkeling van de HalfLife MOD: Day Of Defeat. Deze MOD speelt zich af in de Tweede Wereldoorlog en zal je meenemen in de campagne van de geallieerden om West Europa te bevrijden.

We hebben dit soort (realistische WW2) MODs al eerder gezien en de meeste daarvan waren niet echt fantastisch. Misschien dat 'Day of Defeat' met deze trend gaat breken.Half Life has many mods already out and many more on the horizon, due to the excellent work by Valve on producing easy to use tools it has to be the most used mod engine ever. Despite this fact there are not many class based games out there, surprising considering how popular TFC is and has been for the past year.

A new mod is due out in the near future that will give us all an alternative for our fix of class based action, and Day of Defeat is its name. Set in a World War 2 environment 2 teams battle it out over realistic maps with realistic goals. You have the choice of a number of classes each with their own attributes and weapons, add to that a realistic damage and stamina system and you have the ingredients for a great game.

We spoke to Dasjuden, one of the Project leaders and Historian to try get some more information for you concerning Day of Defeat.

Er is nog wel wat werk te verrichten, maar als er nog een beetje interactie met de omgeving is, dan kan het allemaal best goed uitpakken.