Terwijl we nog rustig wachten op Unreal Warfare, is Unreal 2 alweer in beta-fase gegaan. Genoeg reden voor Unrealcenter om een interview te houden met Mike Verdu en Mark Poesch van Legend. Hierbij spreken ze vooral over de vernieuwde netcode en graphics die we mogen verwachten. Volledige GeForce 3 support en misschien DirectX 9 ondersteuning zijn aanwezig.Q.Now Mike, we are wondering, How is it, as Hors 24 pointed out, that the U2 engine can handle up to 10 times more Poly's than the UT engine, is there any technical specifics you want to spew forth here? Is Direct X 9 already an issue in your , i presume totally directX 8 optimised U2 engine ? Without havin' to inform us what specificly, is there any access already for you guys regarding DirectX 9 specs ? Mark's Answer: The original rendering pipeline used in both Unreal and UT was optimized for software rendering. It was optimal for creating high-quality scenes on systems with minimal or no 3D support. Unreal II and the Warfare engine have cut software support, and embraced the capabilities offered by GeForce and higher-performance cards. This means that instead of computing lighting for every poly, we can set up the lights, and dump raw polys at the card at a tremendous rate, and let the card do much more of the work. Voor het volledige interview surf je naar MGON's Unrealcenter.