Als er een spel is dat je bijna in elke kast kan vinden van een pc-bezitter dan is het wel 'the 7th guest'. Graeme Devine was een van de makers ervan en is later overgestapt naar het Quake3-team. Gamespy had een interview met hem.If anyone's been in this industry for a long time, it's Graeme Devine. Having gotten his start in gaming when he was still a school kid in England, Devine has such titles under his belt as 7th Guest--the product of his own company, Trilobyte--and more recently Quake III: Arena. The id Software game designer has now been with the company for just over a year, and he took some time out during the final weeks of Quake III: Team Arena to chat with us.

GameSpy: Let's start with the good dirt. Back in April of 1999 you told PlanetQuake readers the terrible story of how you'd been expelled from school because of your work on the ports for Atari's Pole Position when you were 16. Was this your start in the video game industry? And whatever happened with that, were you reinstated after the school had a sit in? And what IS the story of how you were the downfall of Activision UK from Joan Collins' bedroom in Knightsbridge, London? I believe the rumor is that you were programming from her bedroom. Care to elaborate, or should we let the readers reinterpret the word "programming" on their own?

Wat is de overeenkomst tussen '7th guest' en 'Quake3'?

(misschien een leuke topic om op te reageren