GameSpy had een goed interview met de jongens van Blizzard's muziekafdeling. Hierin gaan ze vooral in op de ontwikkeling van een gamesoundtrack en de achtergrond van deze personen.

Daarnaast wordt de historie van Blizzard nog eens dunnetjes overgelopen.GameSpy: How do you prepare yourselves for a project? What do you do for inspiration?

Matt: After completing the original Diablo, I studied some classical piano for a bit of time, and found that it worked wonders for recharging my batteries. No matter what you do, it always pays to have a broad view of what you need to keep yourself growing and happy as a coder/artist/musician, beyond just seeing yourself as a machine which spews out content.

Preparation and inspiration are important, but if you don't "get" the concept behind a game within the first few moments of playing it, no amount of homework or self-motivation is likely to make the game fun or the creation of it very pleasant. Fortunately, all of the projects I have dealt with here at Blizzard North have been strong, focused ideas which were play-centered from the beginning. The music business definitely has parallels in the games industry in that survival largely depends on keeping the process fun and creative despite the distractions that both success and disappointment can throw at you.Zeker een interessant artikel, maar ik heb eerlijk gezegd zelf meer interesse in het maken van de primitievere 'midi' of 'mod'-muziek (a la UT). Beperkingen zijn hier 10x hoog (vanwege gelimiteerde instrumentensets) en het is dus ook een stukje knapper wanneer hiet echt wat moois uit komt.