Hasbro Interactive word overgenomen door Infogrames. In een klap neemt Infogrames ook Atari over, die eigendom was van Hasbro. De spellen die onder development waren onder Hasbro, onder andere Grand Prix 4 en de Civilisation series, zullen niet lijden door de overname.Infogrames will secure 100 percent of Hasbro Interactive's common shares and purchase Games.com for 100 million USD. In addition, Hasbro will obtain an annual guarantee from Infogrames based on sales generated from the licensing agreement. The agreements are subject to the consent of Infogrames' shareholders and other closing conditions. The companies expect the deal to close in Quarter 1 2001.

The acquisition furnishes Infogrames with a catalog of titles based on a number of renowned properties, including Microprose titles such as Civilization, Falcon 4.0 and their top-selling series of roller coaster sims. Infogrames also bags the Atari name and all related properties, including Centipede and the historic Pong. The rights to create and publish games based on current and future Hasbro properties such as Clue and the online game Dungeons and Dragons are also included in the deal.

About 60 titles are in production, including future generation console versions of franchises from Hasbro, Microprose and Atari. Some of these are Zoo Tycoon, Micro Machines, Twister, Circus Maximus, Civilization and Grand Prix 4.