Onze eigen Achiel was zo vriendelijk om via de De Newssubmit te melden dat Infogrames misschien uit de Nasdaq word gekickt...uh-ohInfogrames is taking steps to avoid a possible delisting by the Nasdaq stock exchange. The company (which trades under the old GT Interactive symbol GTIS) today announced its 1-for-5 reverse stock split will become effective at the end of business today. Assuming no major shifts in the stock's price, that should bump the trading price from just shy of $2 per share to roughly $9.50/share, which would take it out of the Nasdaq danger zone. While a delisting is something all companies want to avoid, the action's not likely to make investors real happy. The reverse stock split condenses their holdings by 80 percent (i.e. - if an investor previously held 1,000 shares, he or she will only own 200 at the end of business today). Infogrames is one of three gaming companies that has recently been in danger of losing its right to trade on the big board. Acclaim and Interplay are also at risk. Interplay met last Thursday with Nasdaq to plead its case. The exchange has not yet announced its decision about Interplay's future. Dat is ook matig, ben je voor dat je het weet 80% van je aandelen kwijt . Voor iedereen into aandelen en infogrames