Het gaat hard met de patches voor de UT mod Infiltration. Enkele weken was versie 2.80 gereleased, maar die bleek vol met bugs te zitten en daarom ziet Infiltration versie 2.81 nu het licht.

Volgens de makers is een hele rijtje bugs weer gefixed. Nu maar hopen dat door deze patch er weer niet nieuwe zijn bijgekomen Those of you experiencing an FPS hit should enjoy a sizable increase in performance due to some minor alterations we've made.

Muzzle flashes have been completely revamped.

Shooting Range updated.

Bodies no longer buried in the ground when killed while kneeling or prone.

Dying while kneeling or prone will no longer cause you to respawn in that position.

Some minor fixes regarding the soldier's animation.

Various bot AI enhancements.

Auto prone or kneeling under geometry now updates the indicator on the HUD.

Bots now properly regain stamina and run at a more consistent pace.

Final life of a player or bot will now show a carcass rather than them simply disappearing.

Bots firing at hidden players has been fixed.

Grenades are thrown in a much more realistic way.

Currently held weapon is now dropped when killed.

Bot grenade throwing abilities enhanced.

Bot abilities better suited for current skill level.

Exiting the game while zoomed will not cause zoom to remain when loading Inf again. (Logo would be zoomed in on)

Prone binding button enabled.

Loadout items can be bought using every available cash amount.

When toggle aim is off, going into prone no longer moves from hip to aim repeatedly.

Grenades will now drop correctly.

Other minor changes here and there. NB: Infiltration versie 2.80 en UT patch 428 of beter is nodig om Infiltration 2.81 zonder problemen te draaien Download Infiltration v2.81 (11.4 mb)