De eerste Mod die ik voor UT speelde was Infiltration. De andere Mods konden mij niet boeien en Infiltration had echte wapens. Helaas was de Mod in het beta stadium en al gauw kwamen de updates. Als je dan ook nog vaak Strike Force en Tactical Ops speelt raak je al gauw de draad kwijt met alle updates en patches.

Dit keer springen we van Infiltration versie 2.81 naar versie 2.82.Infiltration 2.82 has been released!! This patch fixes a lot of bugs that existed between 2.80 and 2.81, including many bot AI enhancements, a few weapon glitches, and some minor player adjustments. Version 2.81 is required in order to use 2.82. It's much smaller fortunately, coming it at around 5 MB, well worth the download. This should tide you over while we

continue perfecting 2.85, which will include the online code, new menus, a new weapon, and a new character model. Took us a while to get this one out due to some Real Life issues. Thanks for your patience! Enjoy!! Hier kan je hem downloaden.