De graag op escape drukkende mannen van ESCape Magazine hebben een review van Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine geplaatst. Hieronder, zoals gebruikelijk, een stukje copy/paste en wat screenies.... Let's face it, without Indiana Jones there probably wouldn't have been a Lara Croft. The globe-trotting brunette owes more than a little to the globe-trotting archeologist, but so far Indy's only decent entry into the world of computer games has been an excellent side-scrolling adventures, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.

That game had all the successful Indy elements, from Nazis and ancient culture to a beautiful woman and plenty of wry humor.

It's nice to see puzzles take the fore in this type of game: Try and go head-on against the Soviet troops, and Indy won't get very far. Instead, the player will usually spend plenty of time carrying items around, trying to find where they can be used to sneak around the bad guys. Most of the sequences make some sort of sense, though others are too patently computer-game: Going back to the rafting sequence, would Babylonian monks really hide candles in huts along raging, rock-filled rapids?

Bottom line, this is a good entry into the adventure genre, but it won't stand up to other Lucasarts triumphs.Hij krijgt een waardering van 8 van de maximale 10 ESC keys.