Het Ga-Strategy hebben ze een preview van dit 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate)spel gedaan. Hier is een stukje:I didn't get a manual with this game, so it's fortunate that the game has a fully detailed tutorial, which is one of the best I've seen for a game of this type. The friendly female voice will walk you through all the steps necessary to run an empire, and once you're done with the tutorial, it's off to the races, as it were. With any game of this type, the starmap is where 90% of your work gets done. In IG2, this is no different. It's fortunate, then, that IG2 has the best starmap I've seen in a game of this type. The map has a camera (as does the planets) that allow you to zoom, pan, tilt, and rotate the view similarly to the way you use the Myth series of games. The map itself is as sharp as a razor blade, and everything you'd need is clearly visible. It's when you begin to use the map that the initial beauty of the interface shines through. The game uses both mouse buttons well, for example, if you left click on a planet, you'll select it, but if you hold down the left button, you'll get options for such things as production or colonization. Down at the lower left corner of the screen is a small information window, which is also interactive. If a planet is selected, you'll see the basic stats for that planet. If this window is left-clicked, the picture will zoom in to show the planet plus more detailed statistics, allowing you to also change production priorities and taxes. If this display is right clicked, you're then taken down to the planet's surface. This is where I was first blown away by IG2's graphics. If you'll look at the screenshots, you'll notice that the planets look beautiful. The landscapes are lush and in full 3D, and there are even gorgeous weather effects such as rain or snow. Like the starmap, the view here can be fully manipulated using a Myth-like interface. What they don't tell you is that the camera will move around objects as well, not through them. If you're on a mountainous or rocky planet, for example, and you move the camera around at ground level, the camera will actually go over mountains, trees, or rocks, changing the angle of the view slightly. This is a nice touch, I feel.

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