Zoals heel veel bekende websites heeft ook IGN.com de launchtitels van de Playstation 2 gespeeld. Ze hadden een top 5 gemaakt maar hebben die nu inmiddels gewijzigd.Every four or five years a powerful, a new console storms into the retail stores with all of the marketing force, advertisements, and retail flash that can be mustered, and this year PlayStation 2 is the new kid on the block. With the console's imminent arrival (on Thursday, October 26, 2000, for $299), we now know the confirmed list of 26-plus games from all parties involved on launch day.

So, why are we doing this again? Didn't we already pick our top five? Frankly speaking, our must-have lists have changed along with games that have changed. A few titles, such as Midnight Club: Street Racing, and DOA2: Hardcore, have truly blossomed into great, final pieces of code, while others have dropped off the launch list altogether. Still others just didn't make the hard five game cut. But now that we have played all of the launch games thoroughly, we have come to hard decisions, and we know what we want.

Ze hebben ook ieder een eigen top 5 samengesteld. Hierin valt me op dat Time Splitters heel goed uit de bus komt vallen. Dit had ik niet verwacht maar waarschijnlijk zijn de meeste mensen al op Tekken Tag Tournament en Ridge Racer V uitgekeken.