Minsc schrijft: "Gamespot heeft een erg uitgebreide preview van Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter geschreven." Bovenaan de preview staan ook de verlossende woorden "Release: 01/15/2001". De RPG gamers hebben een goede kerst met Baldurs Gate2, en ook nog eens een goed nieuwjaar met Icewind Dale: the lucky bastards Icewind Dale borrows some other elements from Baldur's Gate II - the game's enhanced support for display resolutions exceed the default 640x480, and the game uses 3D acceleration features for enhanced special effects. These features actually both first appeared in Icewind Dale, but they were more polished in Baldur's Gate II - so, in a sense, Heart of Winter will merely reappropriate a few Infinity engine enhancements. It'll also borrow Baldur's Gate II's breakaway interface panels, which gave you the ability to view the game in a full-screen mode; and it'll take other miscellaneous features, like the inclusion of scroll cases and gem bags for helping you keep your characters' inventories in order. Voor de hele preview ga je naar GameSpot.