Gamespot heeft een preview gebakken van het 'vervolg' op Homeworld: Cataclysm.

Hieronder vind je er weer een knipje van samen met wat originele concept art screenies.Developer Barking Dog has a very ambitious plan for Homeworld: Cataclysm, which it's calling a spin-off rather than a traditional expansion pack. We sat down with designer Michael Gyori to get the scoop on just what Barking Dog's plans are with the follow-up to Homeworld.

GS: We understand that you play as a new faction. What is the history behind this faction? What are its goals and abilities? MG: Players begin Cataclysm commanding a Somtaaw mining vessel gathering resources in deep space. The Somtaaw are a Kiith (or clan) that had been marginalized after the victory that returned the Kushan to Hiigara at the conclusion of Homeworld. Due to this Kiith's low status, they are forced to base most of their ship designs on the various races they encounter. As the game progresses, the player turns this mining vessel into a command vessel capable of research and construction. Some of the unique abilities of certain ships will include: linking together into more powerful ships, latching on to enemies to spy or damage them, holographically imitating enemy ships, and shielding friendly ships from enemy fire.