Bij de Gamer's Press hebben ze hun Sunday Shooter deze keer geschreven over hoe je het beste je nic name kan verzinnen. (Als je er nog geen hebt). Hieronder een stukje.After you play for a while, your handle may become your alter ego. If you play multiplayer a lot, in real life you may start to think, "Hmm, how would Stinger handle the boss ticking me off like this? Maybe a few claymores strategically placed around the doorway to his office, or just a light approach and throw a couple of flashbangs over the cube walls to shake him up a bit?" OK, so you wouldn't really do what you're thinking of doing (Postal workers, should be especially beware of this, OK?), but hey, it sure is fun to fantasize about that, eh?

Also, you want your name to sound pretty cool. Obviously, something like "Pansyguy" or "Snuggleboy" could get you some action in other parts of the web, but you don't want to get stuck with a lame name when gaming, except if that is your explicit attempt. I've seen a number of handles that sound really stupid in DF2, but have 50, 60 or 70 kills in a session. These folks are using their handles for effect. But, that's really advanced handle choosing.