Dat Sony op het moment met de Playstation het grootste deel van de consolemarkt in handen heeft is bekend. Maar hoe ze bij Sony in de consolemarkt belandde is misschien minder bekend. Bij Daily Radar hebben hierover een artikel geschreven.

Zal Sony met de Playstation 2 de grootste blijven?

Sony had convincingly dispatched their first competitor but the Nintendo 64 was expected to provide a much sterner challenge. Not so however - regular price cuts, a 'cool' image and some killer software, most notably Metal Gear Solid and Gran Turismo had thoroughly cemented Sony's commanding market position, and the N64 - though still ploughing on even today - never really stood a chance. Sony's first serious foray into the videogaming world had been an unpredicted, unprecedented success. They enjoyed a dominance not seen since the NES era, were widely respected and trusted, and up until a year or so ago, had scarcely put a step wrong. Hardcore gamers may have preferred the N64 or Saturn, but Sony didn't mind. They were catering for the masses, and the masses duly responded in droves. Lees hier het hele verhaal.