Gamespy heeft een leuk artikel laten schrijven door Battle Realms' lead designer - Ed Del Castillo over het RTS genre. Het gaat over het verleden, de huidige situatie en (hoe onverwachts de toekomst van dit immens populaire genre.Right now is a hard transitional time for the RTS game. The gameplay dynamics that have been standardized in RTSs of our day are more akin to a Real-Time Economy game than a game of war. Just about every RTS I've played (with some notable exceptions like Myth II) can be won by out-producing your opponent. I can play almost any popular RTS and never have my view leave my base/town. If I out resource gather my opponent, I will out-produce him, and if I out-produce him I will eventually overrun him. I've heard opposing arguments, but they tend to be theory. Practice shows different. The only "strategy" in these games seems to be in the allocation and efficiency of your peasants/drones/harvesters. I can't tell you the number of RTS games I've played where I have never moved my camera away from my town. I just built and built and kept sending troops all over the board using the minimap. The units are similar enough that sheer numbers always plays the winning role. This, however, is not the only issue.Hij denkt dat de liefhebbers van het genre de komende jaren nog flink verwend gaan worden met nieuwigheden en ziet de toekomst dan ook rooskleurig in.

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