HL een van de meest populaire FPS allertijden. Het spel leeft nog steeds dankzij de grote/goede modscene. Gamespy bekijkt de "heetste" mods voor HL, en wat is heet zal je je misschien afvragen.

- Team Fortress Classic Since TFC was bundled with later Half-Life patches and retail releases, if you've got Half-Life, you've probably already played TFC. If you haven't, shame on you! TFC isn't the second most popular Half-Life mod just because it was the first. When the teams are balanced and lamer-free, TFC is still one of the most exhilarating online experiences out there. However, it should be noted that TFC's release was delayed at least four months and wasn't finished until April '99. The SDK's weren't released until shortly afterwards, so it was nearly impossible to make mods for Half-Life during the first six-months of its lifespan, user-made maps had to fill the void. This delay really hampered the enthusiasm of many a potential developer, probably resulting in a less vibrant mod community in the long run, but it didn't deter Minh Le… - Counterstrike With a nice variety of professional-quality maps and a multitude of gameplay modes, Counter-Strike is really more like a total conversion than a mere modification. Some people have bought Half-Life just to play Counter-Strike, which says a lot about the addictiveness of the mod. Although some people don't like a few of Counter-Strike's idiosyncrasies - such as sometimes having to wait a long time to get back into the game after being killed - Counter-Strike one really slick modification and definitely a must download. - Firearms Firearms is a relative newcomer to the scene - only a month or so old - but already one of the top five mods out there. Firearms is best described as a cross between TFC, Action Half-Life, and Counter-Strike with guns, lots of guns. You can play as one of several prefabricated classes (each outfitted with different weapons and armor levels), or you can build your own. There are currently three modes of play, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Intelligence (CTF), and Push (territorial control). Like Counter-Strike, Firearms favors the realistic. And like Action Half-Life, you'll have to use bandages if you don't want to bleed to death. Firearms is going to need to polish up its gameplay and maps if it ever hopes to compete with the likes of Counter-Strike, but so far the mod looks pretty promising. - Action HL Action Half-Life is a port of the popular Quake II mod, Action Quake. Inspired by Hong Kong action movies, Action Half-Life aims to provide a true action movie experience, complete with jump kicks, dives, and crashing through windows. AHL is a little buggy and it takes awhile to learn how to play properly, but with a little practice you'll be busting a Chow Yun-Fat in no time. And yes, you can even go Akimbo, John Woo style. AHL features your standard deathmatch FFA mode, two different modes of Last Man Standing and three teamplay modes. If you're looking for fast-paced realistic DM, Action Half-Life is your best bet. - Russian Front Although still in Alpha form, Russian Front is another really promising looking mod. The gameplay has been described as "TFC meets Saving Private Ryan," pitting Russians versus Germans in a WWII setting. Russian Front's goal is to provide a somewhat more realistic approach to warfare. For example, your gun can jam. Another new feature is the introduction of stamina, which starts out high but decreases as you run around, get wounded, or clamber about obstacles. When your stamina gets low, you move slower, get dizzy, and eventually lose health. The maps also feature lots of bombed out buildings and controllable turrets. Colonel Klink would be proud. On The Horizon Although not out yet, two mods on the horizon to keep an eye out for are the Sherman Project, a Rainbow Six-like mod and Gunman, a single-player Total Conversion sponsored by Valve. In the future, we will also whizz around in flying cars made of PLASOnvoorstelbaar goed dat er nog steeds mods voor uitkomen, GO Half-Life More info ? Team Fortress Classic Counter-Strike Firearms Action HL Russian Front Sherman Project Gunman Het artikel zelf