De zoveelste succesvolle mod voor HL komt eraan. HL Wasteland belooft, afgaande op verhaal en screenshots, veel goeds. Total-Reload heeft 3 nieuwe screenshots. Wasteland Half-Life is a multiplayer mod based in a shattered world. Nuclear fire has scarred the earth and the survivors fight over the scraps of what was once their civilization. Some have formed gangs and tribes to better survive the harsh world their great-grandparents left them, while some have waited in sealed underground Vaults for the radiation, viruses, and mutagens unleashed so many years ago to fade. Inspired by such varied sources as Fallout 1 and 2, the Mad Max movies, John Woo's movies, and even medieval Europe, Wasteland Half-Life brings fast-paced, down-and-dirty action to an genre whose potential for violent conflict has been very overlooked. The theory behind Wasteland Half-Life (WHL) was originally not to try to do something new but to do it right. Over the long months spent working on the game, we realized that doing "it" right, whatever It might be, would indeed be doing something new. WHL isn't based on a single gameplay gimmick or neat coding trick someone thought up. It's based on fun, and although Wasteland has its share of gameplay gimmicks (mixed akimbo handguns) and neat coding tricks (integrating a damage model that accounts for mental condition as well as physical condition), it all comes down to "is it fun to play"?

HL zal met die mods over 10 jaar nog bestaan , maar of dat zo goed is kan je hier lezen. De laatste screens van HL Wasteland