Bij Firingsquad hebben ze een review van Hitman: Codename 47 geschreven. Het spel ziet er goed uit, het geluid is met zorg gemaakt en het concept van de "Hitman" vonden ze geweldig. De AI is jammergenoeg niet altijd even goed en ook de controls laten te wensen over. I'm just going to start off with the good stuff and then slide over to the bad. The graphics in this game go unparalleled. I have not seen any other game pay so much attention to detail. Curtains and leaves flutter if you walk through them, bodies move realistically even when dead. Dragging a corpse over a curb will actually make it move up and down accordingly. Levels are designed beautifully; textures and shadows combine to make one of the most lush and detailed games around. I hadn't heard of or seen the Glacier graphics engine before, but it easily rivals the current powerhouses that were released by id and Epic.

I haven't played a game like this ever. Sneaking around like in NOLF is one thing, but actually thinking about more than just when you are going to kill your opponents is absolutely essential in this game. This is truly one game that makes you think before you pull the trigger. Will you be able to hide that body? Did somebody else hear the gunshot or the cries of pain? How are you going to fight with no guns? This is only the tip of what promises to be some of the most original gameplay ever seen.

This game has so many good things going for it that it hurts to rant about the shortcomings. To start, the controls are severely jacked. You can get used to them, but it baffles the mind as to why they didn't go with what has already been deemed as the standard. There was nothing innovative or remotely good in the changes they made to the movement controls, they only managed to ruin what should have been a left alone. The only good thing to come out of the controls section is the menu system they implemented for interacting with the environment.

Other minor holes that appeared involve the enemy AI; it would revert to something that is helplessly stupid, occasionally not noticing anything that went on around them. Other minor problems kept hacking away at the game; hopefully they will be addressed in a patch early next year. If they can make something decent out of the mangled controls in a patch, I sure hope they do it.

Oddly enough, despite the loss of a good control system, and other issues, this game still gets a nod in our book. We got past the shortcomings in this game to really enjoy the unique gameplay that Hitman had to offer. If you can get past the issues, we're sure most of you will probably find this game just as entertaining as we did. Oftewel: een aanrader voor de kerst .