In Hitman: Codename 47 kruip je in de huis van een huurmoordenaar. Op een tactical shooter manier (SWAT 3, Rainbow 6) moet je je missies vervullen. Ze zijn positief over de game alleen bang dat Eidos de game nooit op tijd af krijgt. Dus of het wordt uitgesteld of het wordt een buggy game. In ieder geval staat de release dat op 17 juli nu.We asked Eric how things are going. "Very well. The animations and their related human physics are being refined daily," Eric said. "The Hitman model is now very fluid. IO Interactive has also enhanced the model with more polygons. He seems almost lifelike... scary. NPC characters are now receiving more attention. The levels are now populated by realistically moving citizens who react to your presence as they move about the world. Since IO now has more time, I expect to see, by the release, an unprecedented level of human locomotion and reaction." In addition to the variety of details on the city streets, there are a variety of ways that any given scenario can be won. The lone assassin can simply case out the joint, striking whenever he sees the opportunity. While the more resourceful type can enlist the help of NPCs or set complicated traps. IO Interactive has been adamant that they want players to try the missions again and again with different strategies.