Ik post niet vaak geruchten maar dit ziet er wel akelig uit. Gonegold had het spel Hitman via EBworld alvast een pre-order gedaan. Totdat ze een mail kregen van

EBworld dat de game gecancelled is!We know you have been inquiring about this item since you've ordered is and we apologize for not giving you a better status of your order for HITMAN: CODENAME 47. We just received notice from that this item will

no longer be shipped to us due to immediate cancellation of the item. Though it will be hard pressed to find this item, you can check your local EB store or click on this link to your nearest location to try and order

this game:

This doesn't make much sense, since it says that the item is cancelled, but I should check my local stores for it anyway. Of course it's too late to get any information from Eidos, but I have reached out to them already and expect a reply on Monday. For now, it's just an odd EB mailing.We mogen hopen dat dit niet meer dan een gerucht is want, het zou heel erg zonde zijn als de game wordt gecancelled na die prachtige demo!