Altijd al een homerun willen slaan? Maar het lukte nooit? Lees dan eens even deze preview van High Heat Baseball 2001 van 3DO:In 1998, 3DO and Team.366 released High Heat Baseball '99. The game received very little fanfare. It had a console feel to it and lacked the statistical depth that hard-core baseball fans demand. But one could see the potential in the game. Even though it was an arcade game, it played a better brand of baseball than anything we had seen in years. Check out this play at the plate! This year, the catcher can actually drop the ball Baseball fans drooled when Team.366 announced that High Heat Baseball 2000 would implement a full career mode (with no season limits), tons of statistics, Internet play, fantasy drafts, and a new graphics engine. They promised to do this in one development cycle (for sports games that means in one year's time). This was unprecedented. Team.366 was taking a huge risk in adding so many new features in such a short period of time. In the end, they succeeded—sort of.

Het mag dan niet mijn favoriete sport zijn, maar dit spel ga ik zeker kopen

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