Bij stond een review van H&D add-on pack...It's the waiting I can't stand. Those ominous lulls between fighting, where your reflexes - honed by hours of nerve-wracking combat - start to dull and you begin to wonder if you've fought your final battle. Well, the battle may be over, but the war has yet to be won. So stand by your beds, and wipe that grin off your face - Hidden & Dangerous needs you for nine more deadly forays into enemy territory. Your mission - fun, flack and full-metal jackets.

For the uninitiated, Hidden & Dangerous was a superb and very successful action strategy game which let you to select, arm and then control a squad of four SAS soldiers on covert missions behind enemy lines. Though real-time based, at any time you could access your map screen and pause the game while you dictated actions to each member of your squad or perused the battlefield. A simple keystroke would jump you into the body of any member of your squad to control them directly and the 3D game environment could be experienced from a distant, over-the-shoulder angle, right through to looking directly through the eyes of your men (always handy for sniping).