Hidden & Dangerous, deel 1 was wel leuk, maar moeilijk en niet echt een succes. De opvolger is in de maak, en Gamespot UK heeft een preview geschreven. H&D 2 zal zich weer afspelen in de WWII maar deze keer in andere gebieden, bv. Afrika.You'll be able to plan the actions of the team in a mission with the help of a similar system to that used in Hidden & Dangerous. However, now the tactics planning is done in the level rather than on the map.

Like Hidden & Dangerous, there's plenty of variety and various options for solving the problems you come up against. You'll get to play 23 missions in nine different campaigns, and there are also maps designed exclusively for multiplayer gaming.

It's still early stages yet, and Illusion has shown a video of the game rather than any actual gameplay. However, due to the popularity of the original, there's no doubt that Hidden & Dangerous 2 will be a big success. It already looks promising.

De Tsjechisce maker Illusion moet nog erg veel doen, dus een release datum is er nog niet.