Op deze enorm maffe site vonden we een leuk stuk over het trainen voor multiplayer wars. Na het lezen van deze guide zou je dus de ultieme voorbereiding kunnen treffen voor die ene war.

De guide is niet toegespitst op een specifieke game, dus voor zowel onze UT'ers en Q3'ers kan dit nog een wijze les zijn. We have all heard the expression "Train like you fight, and fight like you train." This is just as true of Rogue Spear as it is of the real world. As a result, the US military has spent millions on better ways to train soldiers, from warehouses of linked computer simulators for armored divisions on the National Training Center to the countless laser devices that the common soldier uses to simulate real combat. Every day Force Recon Marines jump out of C-130s loaded with combat gear into training areas filled with other trainees. Hostage Rescue Teams daily spend hours on the shooting range, the Killhouses, and the classroom to learn the most intricate details of their craft. And it pays off; the US military is among the best in the world, even when compared to Great Britain, France, Germany, and Israel, all of whom use US military technology in their own designs. (For example, American F-15s, destroyers, and dozens of other components are sold around the world to democratic countries including Taiwan and Israel.)En zeg niet dat we je niet hebben gewaarschuwd.