We hebben ze allemaal wel eens gezien, rare spoken, of beelden die we niet echt zien. Counter-Strike is a strange place. The Forge had het geluk een exclusief interview met een van de sighters van deze fenomenen te hebben. Hij beweert na een near-death experience een 'Generated Optical Occurance Supernatural Entity' (of wel G.O.O.S.E. man afgekort) tegen te zijn gekomen...Since the beginning of time, people have asked questions about the existence of super-natural beings. Ghosts, phantoms, spectres, call them what you will. There are many events that science cannot explain. The building of the pyramids. Prophecies that have come true. The appearance of crop circles. Eighties disco fashion. Not even with today's technology can we offer any logical reasoning for these occurances. However, lately, a new breed of speculation has arisen, this time among the gaming community. Strange occurances. Items gone missing. Terrible messages of death. Feats that ignore the laws of physics. Tonight we ask, do the super-natural exist within our game of Counter-Strike?

The phenomona began almost a year ago today, when a Counter-Strike player, one 'SiC', endured what could only be described as an "out of body" experience.