Onze collega's van VoodooExtreme hebben de tijd en eer gehad om eens te babbelen met Robert Atkins van Ritual. Natuurlijk ging het interview over FAKK 2. Deze third-person action-adventure draait op een aangepaste Quake 3.Voodoo Extreme) Now that FAKK2 is finished, and out the door, are you going on Vacation?

Robert Atkins) That would be Hell yes number two! The hardest thing about this game was the last month, not seeing the kids. My son told my wife that he wanted a new daddy and calls my office "daddy's house." Reality check, the only victims of this industry are the children of the developers, because they work so many freaking hours... I will give my kudos to the Logitech guys, they sent us some cameras a while back and I have been playing virtual dad. In a world full of SpaceBalls, these cameras are worth there weight in gold, no computer should be without one...call me if you want to do some promotion work, this really saved my sanity.

Lees het interview hier: http://www.voodooextreme.com/games/interviews/robatkins.html