Linux Games heeft wat screenshots geplaatst van de beta versie van de Linux versie van Heavy gear 2:The Linux port of Heavy Gear 2 (based on the pen-and-paper game by Dream Pod 9), currently in beta testing, now supports in-game screenshots, so I've taken the liberty of providing a few for those interested in seeing what this upcoming offering from Loki looks like. The story involves a strike mission from the Earth colony Terra Nova as an effort to dissuade future attacks from a resurgent Earth; however, the primary infantry units in this game are 15-foot tall battle-suit-style mecha known as gears. The game includes an extensive campaign that is heavily dependent on your ability to successfully coordinate your squad in adverse (i.e. evil Earth armored forces shooting at you) tactical situations, so be sure to give it a look if you're into squad combat or giant robots.

Zero-G Training in an Enderian Battle Room "The enemy's gate is down!" Gear with SMS engaged Looking down the race track Touchdown in the swamp Suicide run Success!

Momenteel zijn de pics links van de Linux Games site. (Ik heb nog geen bericht terug gekregen of ik ze mocht uploaden naar

Verder heb ik een e-mail gestuurd voor een interview met Lokigames. Nog geen antwoord maar als jullie vragen hebben, post ze dan of stuur ff een mailtje!