The Adrenaline Vault heeft een preview geschreven over de Hidden & Dangerous addon met de naam Devil's Bridge.

Lees de rest bij Avault.Devil's Bridge features three new campaigns to the world of Hidden & Dangerous. These take place in a different area of conflict than in the original and are focussed on the later stages of the war effort. Using a completely different set of soldiers, your four-man squad is still comprised of the best SAS soldiers the Allies have to offer. The campaigns' nine missions, which are set in Poland, Ardennes and Greece, are similar in many ways to the original 27, with a few exceptions. Overall, the missions are much larger, both in size and the number of objectives required for successful completion. Poland's scenarios revolve around espionage and sabotage. The Germans have constructed a new bomber using sophisticated technology, and Churchill has ordered his boys to steal it. The campaign is broken up into two missions. The first encompasses the infiltration of an enemy base, rescuing a downed Allied pilot, blowing up seven German fighters to reduce any unwanted followers, and the theft and successful extraction of your men in the bomber. The second mission details your experiences in getting the bomber to allied territory, and includes a beachfront battle similar to that in "Saving Private Ryan."