Kijk hier voor een stukje dat is in elkaar gedraaid door VoodooExtreme en dat gaat over de Toekomst van 3D acceleration in tegenstrijd met software.. hier een stukje uit quoteThe times when there was actually advantages to software rendering are long gone; hardware dominates. Almost every computer system available has hardware 3D acceleration and even if a system doesn't, solutions are available for under $50. Engines which use hardware rendering are easier to make than software counterparts, run faster, and look better. Software offers more flexibility but they are heavily outweighed by the cost of no-3D hardware support. In several years, this may all change. In the days of software rendering, speed was achieved through beautiful coding, efficient algorithms and flashes of genius. Hardware, on the other hand, achieves its speed through brute force methods. I doubt that the implementations of certain hardware features vary much from accelerator to accelerator; it is the clock speed, memory speed, bandwidth, drivers, and pipelining which make one piece of hardware faster than another. This is known as brute force and it is currently the key to speed.