Tegenwoordig heb je niet alleen maar 'nerds' die de hele dag games spelen, een veel groter scala aan soorten gamers bestaan. Gamasutra schreef een artikel over de 2 meest voorkomende, casual (af en toe een spelletje voor de lol) en hardcore (gamen als levensstijl) gamers. En natuurlijk zijn vrouwen volgens het artikel (meestal) geen core gamers dus casual gamers worden (zie quote) met 'she' aangesproken. Denk dat ze daar bij Womengamers wel anders over denken The casual gamer is not prepared to spend that much time or money on it. The casual gamer wants to play games the same way she watches TV or reads a book: sit down, do it for a while, then stop and do something else. She doesn't want games to consume her life, she wants them to entertain her for a while. This distinction is not new. Everyone knows casual gamers spend less time on games than core gamers do. But there's a more important difference, and it has to do with why we play, and what we want to get out of the experience. It has signficant implications for game design.

The core gamer plays for the exhilaration of defeating the game. The core gamer is much more tolerant of frustration, because what the core gamer wants is a sense of having achieved something, having overcome an obstacle. The greater the obstacle, the greater the sense of achievement. The core gamer is engaged in a competition - with himself, with the game, with other gamers. A core gamer wants a sense of reward and "bragging rights" from having beaten the game. In this respect he has a lot in common with athletes, particularly of the track and field variety. Most athletes won't tell you that what they do is "fun." It's not. It's grueling, exhausting, often painful. It's also very repetitive. The joy comes from winning.[break]Een van de voorbeelden die ze geven is Goldeneye, waarbij volgens hen de casual gamer het gewoon uitspeeld en de core gamer alle levels steeds opnieuw spelen om het snelste record te halen:[/break]The casual gamer cares nothing for improving his time in Goldeneye, and he is free to ignore this feature. Once a casual gamer has defeated a level, he wants to go on to the next level, to take up the next challenge and see the next part of the story. A core gamer, on the other hand, wants to hone her skills and improve her time. From learning to beat the level consistently, she devises a new challenge: learning to beat it faster and faster. Core gamers are often rather contemptuous of casual gamers. Casual gamers aren't serious, they aren't dedicated, and they aren't capable of beating core gamers when they play against them. Core gamers like their games to be long and hard. There's a certain amount of testosterone involved in being a core gamer, which is why they like long, hard thingsDus ik vraag me af, wie is hier nou casual gamer? Of komen hier echt alleen maar die-hards?