The Adrenaline Vault heeft een preview online gegooid van de racing game Hard Truck 2. Hier een hap uit de conclusie:I have not had the opportunity to play a pre-release version of Hard Truck 2, as none is available at this time, but it is immediately apparent that this is not just a simple racer. The screenshots give a clear indication that the visuals are going to be impressive. Frankly, however, what impresses me most about this forthcoming title is the wealth of gameplay features it contains, from unorthodox modes of racing, to Mafia and overhead police attacks, to ruthless business competition. If the developers can manage to tie these diverse strands together in a coherent way, this offering could expand, in a revolutionary way, the bounds of racing simulation as we know it today. At this point, I see nothing that can keep Hard Truck 2 from rumbling forward unswervingly to a successful release.