Iedereen die zelf levels wil maken voor Command & Conquer: Generals en wel wat hulp kan gebruiken mag EA op zijn blote knieeen prijzen, want de uitgever heeft de handleiding van de WorldBuilder tool online gezet. Niet zomaar een vodje digitaal papier, want de tutorial bevat maarliefst 85 pagina's! Stap voor stap wordt uitgelegd hoe je een map kunt maken, dus alle creatieve geesten onder ons kunnen zich uitleven.KEY FEATURES

- Step­by­step process to build multiplayer maps. Follow the steps listed in this document to get up to

speed building multiplayer maps ( p. 36) for up to eight players. With a few extra steps, you can turn

your finished multiplayer map into a Skirmish map ( p. 40).

- Designed like an art tool. The menus, tools, and their uses are derived from desktop art tools. If you're

familiar with traditional art software programs, World Builder will feel very comfortable.

- What You See Is What You Get. Interact with your maps through the same engine as the game. Visual

toggles and camera options in World Builder allow you to position the camera anywhere over the map

and to view some or all of its components at any time.

- Urban objects and textures. The enormous library of 3D objects includes detailed touches to create

realistic cities from all over the world. You can build dense Asian cityscapes, Middle Eastern villages, or

modern American sprawl. Objects and textures are included for roads, highways, bridges, and railroads,


- Many environmental settings. Use textures and settings to place your map in a wide range of geographic

locations at any time of day.

- Small output. Created maps are small enough to email to your Command & Conquer friends.

De handleiding weegt slechts 750KB.