Neighbour wist ons te melden dat Jack In een preview heeft geschreven van Halo. Er staan helaas weinig nieuwe feiten in de preview maar voor iedereen die nu wel eens wil weten waar al die comotie over is, is het misschien wel makkelijk om het stukkie even te lezen.Not only will vehicles add a whole new aspect to the game but they will also have physics that, Bungie claim, rival some of the latest racing games. However, vehicles are not the only things set to be blessed with accurate physics for realistic combat. Every moving object in the game, however small, has been given equal attention lavished upon it as far as the physics are concerned. Even the empty cartridges that you carelessly eject from your rifle will fall majestically to the ground and roll according to the slope of the ground. Even more exciting is that, not only will they abide by the laws of physics, but they will also remain discarded on the luscious terrain until the end of the round in multiplayer games.

Bungie have also, very wisely, decided to include a multitude of clever and unique factors from previous successful games into theirs. An example is the decision to include fellow marines that, despite having impressive AI akin to that of the grunts of Half-Life, follow you like brave lemmings at your command as also seen in Valve's masterpiece. To add to that, Bungie intend to make them slightly weaker and more feeble than your character so that they get picked off in a whole host of amusing fashions thus injecting a degree of hilarity into the game. Other borrowed touches include the window at the top of the screen as seen in Delta Force that allows you to snipe from a third-person viewpoint. The non-complicated control system of Quake and its sequels. Also included are the class distinctions as seen in Team Fortress, although it will be possible to pick up new weapons and change your role as it is possible in another of Half-Life's fantastic mods, Counterstrike. Another aspect taken from Half-Life is the mapping system that means that the area is broken down into sections that link to one another. Although Bungie, as ever, have gone one further by making this exploration possible in all directions. However, this will not, as it has been rumoured, mean total freedom to roam on the planet. The final shared aspect is the possibility of being able to sneak up behind enemies when you run out of ammo and make use of lethal close combat weapons as seen in the solely singleplayer Thief.

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