Blue's News (en Jedi Guebo) meldden ons dat de nieuwe patch voor Halflife eindelijk klaar is. Hier een paar van de fixes:[bullet]Limiting MIRV grenades to 2 per player in Team Fortress Classic.

[bullet]Fixed chat room issues.

[bullet]gl_zmax setting is now dictated by the game server.

[bullet]Improved load balancing on Master server backend.

[bullet]Rolled setinfo bug fix into client release.

[bullet]Rolled in trigger_changelevel fix to client release.

[bullet]Fixed cheat where players could run around after they were dead in Team Fotress Classic.

[bullet]Fixed corrupting server list files bug.

[bullet]Improved server stability.

[bullet]Fixed problem where engine was not switching back to launcher when running in 640*480 OpenGL.

[bullet]Split packet signon bug.

Download hem hier op 3d Files of hier op Fileplanet