En nog een mod ziet het daglicht voor misschien wel het meest verouderde FPS spel dat nog gespeeld wordt. Paintball voor Half-Life is een mod waarin het de bedoeling (duh) is om je tegenstander onder de verf te schieten. Als je je tegenstander raakt is hij meteen af (in CTF tenminste) en moet hij wachten tot de volgende ronde. Lijkt beetje op CS met AWP only dus This game is a modification (mod) of great multiplayer, first person shooter Half-Life. We are completely changing everything about the multiplayer aspect of it. We are working on giving the game a whole new type of feel, and providing the paintball fans a truly realistic experience.

We are planning on including several styles of game play as the mod develops, we also are including real paintball markers, hoppers, barrels, grenades, and anything else that is involved in the game of paintball.

For the first beta the game will be based around the "capture the flag" type game with elimination. You get marked (shot), you are out of the game 'till the round ends, just like real paintball matches. We are going to use the completely new VGUI provided by the new netcode, for the buy/selection system also.

Paintball client (9 MB)